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Some items from The Rio Linda Elverta News, April 24, 2003:
Moore lawsuit against Water District: District costs top $12,000 (O'Brien)
People in the news - Mark and Kathy McMurry

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RLNews 030424Moore lawsuit against Water District:
District costs top $12,000

By Jay O'Brien

Attorneys for The Rio Linda/Elverta Community Water District and for Gene and Charlea Moore have stipulated that the hearing on the Moore's claim shall take place on June 6, 2003, at 10:00 AM in Department 25 of the Superior Court, Sacramento County. The Moore's brief to the court will be filed by May 2, the Water District's brief by May 22, and any reply brief by May 30.

The Moores are suing the Water District to overturn a wage increase for District employees. The salary increases the Moore's would have stopped are for five employees. "In the three months since the salary increase took effect, it has cost the District only about $5580, or $1860 per month...defending this frivolous lawsuit will cost the District far more than that", said Stacey Sheston, the District's legal counsel, in a March 7 court filing.

The Water District's costs related to the Moores legal action are $12,201 through April 15, according to Water District General Manager Dave Andres. This does not include the expected expenses for the May 22 brief and for the court appearance on June 6.

Charlea Moore recently won a seat on the Rio Linda/Elverta Recreation and Park District Board of Directors.

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Published in Rio Linda Elverta News April 24, 2003 - Scroll for other articles

"Making A Difference"

By Norma-Lee

27 and counting - that's the number of children Mark and Kathy McMurry of Elverta have fostered over the 26 years of their marriage.

She was Kathy Smith who was born and raised in Pleasant Grove. She attended Pleasant Grove Elementary School and East Nicolaus High. He is Mark McMurry who grew up in Yuba and Sutter counties and also attended East Nicolaus High. The
couple actually met at an intramural softball game when Kathy's principal bet her a candy bar that she wouldn't pick some one and sing to him: Kathy picked Mark who she thought at the time was "nerdy" looking and sang her version of "You're Just Too Good to be True" making it "I'm Just Too Good to be True". She won her candy bar and set the stage for her future.

They met again in high school and became best friends but didn't start dating until their senior year. After graduating, they both chose to attend the Midwestern School of Evangelism in Ottumwa, Iowa. During that first year of college, on December 26, 1976, the couple married. Kathy finished her first year but dropped out when she became pregnant with their first child. Sadly, she lost that baby after six months and was recuperating at home when one night, about 1:00 a.m., she saw three young girls playing in the street outside her house. Concerned for their safety, she brought them in, gave them cookies, and talked to them about their situation. It was obvious the girls' parents were negligent and before long, Mark and Kathy had taken them in as foster children. That was the beginning. The couple continued to foster children while Mark finished school eventually earning his BA of Sacred Literature and an AS in Digital Electronics and Radio Communication.

McMurry familyAfter his graduation, Mark and Kathy moved to Denver, CO, where Mark worked as a youth director. Two years later, they moved back to California and Mark became the Youth Director at the Church of Christ in San Luis Obispo. After one year as youth director, he became the minister, a position which he held for eight years.

During this time, their family was growing. Josh, whom they began to foster at six months of age, became their first adopted child. Meanwhile, their daughter, Sarah, was born in 1979, followed by Serena in 1982, and Justin in 1987. One more fostered child, Jason, was adopted in 1999 at age seven.

Mark and Kathy returned to Pleasant Grove in 1988 where Mark pursued his other career in electronics. He went to work as an engineer for Energylog and later, he and two partners spun off a company called Transglobal Environmental Geochemistry which took samples and performed analysis on soil, vapor, and water. The ministry was Mark's first love though, and he returned to it in 1998 when he became the minister of his boyhood church, The Florin Church of Christ. He still consults with TEG.

Through the Church, Mark and Kathy host bible study classes and using music, they minister to youth. They direct a band called "24/7" that at any given time,may include up to nine members. It is typically made up of violin, guitars, keyboard, drums, and sometimes, cello and standup bass. They encourage kids to direct their energy in positive channels. "24/7" plays on Sunday nights at the Florin Church, Saturday's at youth events, and at various special events throughout the year.

Mark and Kathy also manage a retreat at Jenkins Lake in Pollock Pines called Park Creek Bible Camp. This property, owned by the Church of Christ, is home to approximately 150 junior high to high school age kids the second week of every July. There are also several retreats and special events held there all year round.

Today, the couple resides in Elverta. Their oldest son, Josh, lives at home and works at Arco Arena. Daughter, Sarah who married Derek Ziegler, lives in Ottumwa, IA and is studying to become a teacher. Serena works for Napa Auto Parts and will be married to Tim Hyde on August 9th this year. Justin is a student at East Nicolaus High and plans to become a mechanical engineer. Jason attends Pleasant Grove Elementary and spends his time just being a kid. One other child who has become a virtual part of the McMurry's extended family is Ben. He started coming to their church when he was 13. He is now 20 and is away at Bible College.

In a time when our headlines are filled with the sad stories of kids gone wrong, it is comforting and gratifying to know that people like Mark and Kathy McMurry are making a difference in 27 kids and counting.